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You may want to read 13 Reasons Why Book by Jay Asher even if it has been already shown as a movie. And some may still want to get and download the book then read it then plainly watching it as a movie. Teen problems may sound uncommon but there are some who experiences things that are “just too much” to bear. Many resort to suicide and that makes the book 13 Reasons Why pdf is sought to be read by many. I know you are looking for Thirteen Reasons Why PDF download and I must say you are just in the right place. But before you can do that, why don’t you read on and let me give you a heads up on why this 13 Reasons Why Book is a must read.

Jay Asher books are great to read but Thirteen Reasons Why tops them all to date. A bestseller, Jay Asher 13 Reasons Why is now having a movie adaptation. 13 Reasons Why book pdf is about a girl named Hannah committed suicide and left and audio recording for people who are “responsible” for it. For a friend, Clay wasn’t expecting that his name will ever be mentioned – it was a catastrophic surprise. The twist and turns of the book is unsuspecting but likewise filled with lessons about the effects of bullying. 13 Reasons Why book by Jay Asher is indeed a great read not only for teens but for parents as well.

I know that you are looking for 13 Reasons Why free download, as for me I highly suggest you get it legally through buying it. Well anyway before you get the book why don’t you read some of the best 13 Reasons Why Review from other verified buyers and readers both from Amazon and GoodReads? So check them out before you proceed with your download of the book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Book Review of 13 Reasons Why Book by Jay Asher

This was a reread for me and I’m so glad I dived back in it. I first fell in love with this story in high school. For the longest time it was the only representation I had for mental illness, I connected with a dead girl because she had so many emotions I also shared sometimes to my own fright. Hannah’s story is tragic and heartbreaking. The ending always shook me because she wasn’t coming back, you had such a strong narrator for these tragedies but she wasn’t going to get up and say ha! It’s all a joke. She was gone, and that is one of the reasons I always came back to this book. I needed to know she was gone, that is the outcome of suicide that I didn’t want to see at 17, your story is finished. Now as an adult reading it, it’s still heartbreaking and terribly tragic and I still connect so strongly to this story. I loved this book and will always love this book. I read more into it now than what I did then. Clay was the perfect perspective to put it in because I can’t think good things about any of the other characters, as hard as the tv show wants you too.

The tv show has recently released on Netflix and they’ve changed so much from the original book and part of me wonders is if it’s to make it make more sense. The thing is, suicide doesn’t make sense. That tragic act doesn’t have to make sense. It’s sad and scary, and we will ever understand even with 13 separate and valid reasons, it still doesn’t make sense. One this book did such a good job of showing is how small things, things we think inconsequential, can be detrimental to someone else. Something as simple as not saying goodbye given the opportunity, can change how someone feels. Now does this mean we have to walk on egg shells? No, that actually impossible.

It means watch what your doing basically. If your having a bad day it isn’t okay to take it out on someone else, we can control the small things so the big things won’t spiral. This book will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m sure once the shock of the show wears off it will too. I needed to reread this book, it’s good to remember what we do and who we are matters. Even when you think you don’t matter and no one would care, you do matter. You matter so much!

– Ashely Elliot (Amazon)

It was also very difficult and confusing to keep up with what Clay and Hannah said/thought. One second I’m reading in Clay’s point of view, the next Hannah’s. And sometimes I had to reread a whole paragraph because I got the POV wrong in my head.

Also, I think suicide is a very serious issue so I didn’t really buy Jay Asher’s portrayal of Hannah’s feelings. If someone wanted to commit suicide, their emotion had to be deeper, stronger than just hatred and petty resentment for having a bad reputation in High School. Therefore, I thought Hannah’s emotions weren’t very serious, even childish and overly dramatic at times. And after finishing the books I was like, “seriously?! That’s why she killed herself?!” I honestly felt like Asher was making fun of the teens who have been through terrible things in their life and are still trying to stay strong after everything they’ve been through. This was like telling them, “what the heck, end your life if you’re so miserable.”

– Nina (GoodReads)

I don’t know what I can say about this book that hasn’t already been said. I read it after watching the Netflix series, and while there are definitely differences between the two, the combination left me reeling. It is deeply moving, poignant, and yet one of the most hopeful books I’ve ever read.

The story revolves around Clay, who finds a box of cassette tapes waiting on his doorstep one day. As he listens to them, he is drawn into the story of Hannah, his crush that committed suicide just a couple weeks earlier. The tapes share the thirteen reasons why she made the choice that she did, one for each person that contributed to that decision.

On the surface, it sounds like a horrifying premise for a read. It is a tough read at times, but no less important. Her point of creating the tapes, to be passed to each person on them, was not to be cruel. It was to make a point… the point that how we act toward one another, whether deliberate or not, makes a difference. Any one of those acts can be small in and of itself, but they can add up to push a person over the edge.

Having seen the series and read the book, I have to say something I never thought I would. As much as I loved the book, I felt that the series really showed Hannah’s angst just a bit more clearly. Admittedly, some of that was accomplished through changes in the plot and some details. Ideally, I would suggest indulging in both.

– Kiki Deister (Amazon)

I’m a bipolar chick. I’m a girl who has struggled with suicidal thoughts since she was nine years old at the very latest. And I just do not buy 13RW’s representation of a suicidal girl. The very premise of the book is flawed to me; you don’t kill yourself for REASONS, you kill yourself because there is a bug in your brain gnawing at you and sucking out any valuable thought you’ve ever had, and I never saw that kind of bug in Hannah. I saw a girl who killed herself because boys were mean to her, and I think that if you reversed the sexes and made it a boy who killed himself for Hannah’s reasons, no one would have bought it.

It’s a symptom of a larger epidemic you see all the times in discussions of girls with mental illness. Boys are legitimately fucked up and have genuine struggles with mental health, but girls are hysterical. Hannah’s depression is entirely circumstantial, as is her suicide, and I just do not buy it.

Not to mention I think it’s a complete cop-out to have Clay be the only guy on the list who didn’t fuck her up. Of COURSE the narrator didn’t screw up, right?

– Hannah (GoodReads)

Our take on the book is that Hannah is just “too narrow” to commit suicide because of some reasons she only had been keeping. The book 13 Reasons Why’s character Hannah could have better justify her suicide given with another situation she hardly can get through. However, it does not mean that we are giving this book a one star rating as we love how Jay Asher wrote this book, character building is superior (although lacking in terms of Hannah’s), and the plot is really unexpected. We recommend this book for everyone wanting to discover how it is to be bullied and the consequences of it. It’s a sort of a learning material for all teens.

– Drey (BoywithBooks)

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